About us

Eurasdaun was established in 1988 and we therefore have long experience in buying and selling down and feathers. Our supply chains all over the world enable us to buy our selected materials always at fair and competitive prices. Down and feathers are a gift of Mother Nature. Consequently this means that not all grades are always available throughout the year. The up and downs in our assortment can be compared with the annual season change. Knowing this, careful evaluations and planning are our main focus for always ensuring a high grade of availability. Europe . Asia . Daunen (down) – this pun already implies that our core business reflects on high down qualities originating from Europe and Asia. The selection of raw materials as well as the sourcing of ready-to-fill qualities is based on strict quality guidelines. Our suppliers are obliged to confirm the quality in accordance with the purchase contract prior to shipment by providing related testing reports which are will be verified again after goods’ arrival by authorized, independent national and international testing laboratories. Any breach of conditions will automatically result in refusing the whole shipment. Eurasdaun is actively engaged in the Technical Commission of IDFB. Therefore up-dated knowledge of the related procedures is always ensured. First and foremost, all down and feather that we buy and sell is a by-product of the waterfowl meat industry.  No waterfowl are ever raised for the harvest of their down as this is inefficient, wasteful, and makes no economic sense for any party. Eurasdaun only buys from farms which we personally visit and inspect to ensure our partners are practising the ethical and human treatment of their animals.  Our policies regarding the ethical treatment of animals include but are not limited to, no force feeding – and whenever possible, free range fed – and absolutely no live plucking. Our adherence to these strict standards and our vigilance to ensure that these ethical policies are practised by our partners continue to make us one of the most respected companies in our industry.